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Hoover, John

John J. Hoover

teacher preparation for teaching English language and other diverse learners … education referral and assessment of English language and other diverse … include: Why do English learners struggle with reading …

Freeman, David

David E. Freeman

Language for English Language Learners and Struggling Readers La … Reading and Writing in Spanish and English in Bilingual and Dual Language … Reach Limited Formal Schooling and Long-Term English Learners, and …

Freeman, Yvonne

Yvonne S. Freeman

Language Acquisition, 3rd edition, Academic Language for English Language Learners and Struggling … the topics of second language teaching, biliteracy, bilingual education, linguistics, and second language acquisition. They are authors of Grammar …

David Campos

evaluation instrument for teachers of English language learners titled, Practical Ideas that Really Work for English Language Learners, and co-authored another titled Reaching Out to Latino Parents of English Language

Michelle Benegas

principal investigator of the ELM (English Learners in the Mainstream … that all teachers are prepared to meet the needs of English learners. Co-author of Teacher Leadership for School-Wide English Learning (TESOL …

Castro, Mariana

Mariana Castro

Common core, bilingual and English language learners: A resource for … development for language learners.Mariana’s … theory-to-practice panels related to the education of English learners, being an active …

Markus, Paula

Paula Markus

pre-service teachers to support English Learners.  Paula is … Ontario’s largest professional gathering of K–12 teachers of English Language Learners for the past two decades. She continues to be an invited presenter …

Estrada, Lisa

Lisa M. Estrada

her position as the Supervisor of English as a New Language, Bilingual … Technology to Enhance Instruction for English Learners … Digital Age Teaching for English Learners

The Collective for EL Achievement

for success for our language learners. We in the Collective for EL … silo our English learners and allow them to thrive.   … language-learning students …

Torre, Daniela

Daniela Torre

school improvement, particularly for English learners and at-risk … in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages from American …

Lado, Ana

Ana Luisa Lado

learning Spanish and middle school English Language Learners. In … accelerated, English classes for speakers of other languages. In the 1970’s it developed the first certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Cohan, Audrey

Audrey F. Cohan

articles about English language learners including “Differentiating Between … TESOL. The textbook published in 2016, Serving English Language … the Community Working Together to Support English Learners (2020 …