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Corwin Mathematics

data-delta="2" src=" … Erin Null, Acquisitions Editor, Corwin Mathematics, and learn more … Publish with Corwin. Corwin Mathematics

Free Corwin Mathematics Resources

Students Here’s your chance to see firsthand how Corwin Mathematics can … BROWSE BY RESOURCE TYPE   Free Corwin Mathematics … surface-to-deep mathematical understanding, from …


In addition to the titles published by our imprint Corwin Mathematics, Corwin Press also publishes general titles on math assessment … a mix of titles from Corwin Mathematics as well as our more general …

Corwin in the Classroom

Corwin in the Classroom comprises the imprints of Corwin Literacy, Corwin Mathematics, and Corwin Teaching Essentials as the products and … classroom—today! Featured this week Corwin in the …

Posamentier, Alfred

Alfred Steven Posamentier

in mathematics education for Corwin Press. Posamentier, Alfred … Alfred S. Posamentier is professor of mathematics education and dean of the School of Education at the City College of the City …

Balka, Don

Don S. Balka

… DescriptionDon S. Balka, Ph.D., is a noted mathematics educator … National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and at in-service trainings in …

Harbin Miles, Ruth

Ruth Harbin Miles

a co-author of five Corwin books including A Guide to Mathematics … rural, suburban, and inner-city school mathematics teachers.  Her professional experiences include coordinating the K-12 Mathematics

Rich Math Tasks

At Corwin Mathematics, we believe ALL students should … Developed by Corwin authors and other mathematics specialists, each task …

Tobey, Cheryl

Cheryl Rose Tobey

Mathematics Education Leadership. She is the coauthor of six published Corwinmathematics associate at Education Development Center (EDC) in Massachusetts … Mathematics Classroom: Engaging Teachers and Students (FACETS) and …

Thomas, Edward

Edward J. Thomas

… teachers of mathematics. He has over 30 years of experience as a mathematics … levels. Edward has authored several articles and books on mathematics

Riccomini, Paul

Paul J. Riccomini

education mathematics teacher of students with learning disabilities … Grades 7–12. He taught mathematics to both general and special education … Response to Intervention in Math (Corwin, 2009) book and is an associate …