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Bundy, Lewis

Lewis G. Bundy

studies at UCLA. He and his wife live in Oakland, CA, where he is the father …

Steele, Dorothy

Dorothy M. Steele

Michigan in 1994. She lives in Stanford, CA with her husband, Claude M …

Hammond, Zaretta

Zaretta Lynn Hammond

taught to read before they went to school. She resides in Berkeley, CA with …

Evidence of Impact

District Clearklake, CA … District Chula Vista, CA … Bakersfield , CA   …

Bonilla, Allan

Allan R. Bonilla

Poly in Pomona, CA, Allan returned to his home state of Florida where he …

Smith, Lew

Lewis M. Smith

Aspiring Principals program for the San Francisco, CA Unified School …

Speck, Marsha

Marsha Speck

University, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0072 or via e-mail at …

Abrams, Jennifer

Jennifer Beth Abrams

skills.In Palo Alto USD (Palo Alto, CA), Abrams led professional development …


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