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Bonnie L. Laugerman

compatible learning, assessment, curriculum, and teacher supervision and evaluation. She has a special interest in the experience of high school …

Kaufman, Roger

Roger Kaufman

assessment, management, and evaluation. Kaufman, Roger …

Squier, Karl

Karl L. Squier

students’ potential for learning, using assessments that enable students to continuously improve their learning, and evaluating the impact of delivering …

Jukes, Ian

Ian Jukes

provides leadership and program development in the areas of assessment and evaluation, strategic alignment, curriculum design and publication, professional …

Egelson, Paula

Pauline E. Egelson

evaluation, literacy, high school performance assessment, class-size reduction …

Heritage, Margaret

Hilda Margaret Heritage

Assistant Director at UCLA’s National Center for Research on EvaluationAssessment for Learning: Twenty Years of  Research and …

Anne Katz

Anne Katz, PhD, has worked for 20 years as a researcher and evaluator for projects connected with the education of linguistically and … developing more authentic assessments of student performance. In all her work …

Dack, Lisa

Lisa Ain Dack

teams, and is involved in research projects on assessment and evaluation. She also undertakes program evaluations at both the primary and …

Taylor, Ashley

Ashley Taylor

pediatric evaluations assessing for developmental delays, autism, trauma, ADHD … has provided evaluations and mental health services for the pediatric …

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grounded in research and utilize cycles of evaluation and implementation so … Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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and district evaluation models. Dr. Smith continues her learning by … designing and implementing defensible teacher evaluation programs and Dr. Russ … Evaluating Instructional Leadership: Recognized Practices For …