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John J. DeLandtsheer

DeLandtsheer, John

John DeLandtsheer was an elementary school principal for 14 years and served as the gifted and talented education coordinator at the district and county levels. He served as a university instructor and provided training in gifted strategies for all students for over 2000 teachers over a 25 year period. He currently trains teachers in strategies for all students aligned with the Common Core standards.

Areas of expertise
  • Gifted and Talented Education
  • Special Education


  • Making ALL Kids Smarter: John DeLandtsheer brings 40 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and gifted education specialist to this motivating resource that clearly explains why and how teachers must raise the bar for all students. He provides specific strategies for differentiating instruction within the general classroom to challenge all learners with more rigorous content and creativity.