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John Joseph Krownapple

Krownapple, John

John Krownapple specializes in facilitating professional learning and organizational development focused on social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Since 2007 he has led the development and implementation of one of the first and most comprehensive Cultural Proficiency programs in the United States. John continues to administer this program for the Howard County Public School System (Maryland) in his role of coordinator for Cultural Proficiency, where he has guided movement toward inclusion and equity for a variety of teams and groups: organizational leaders, staff members, partners, government officials, students, and families. In his book Guiding Teams to Excellence with Equity: Culturally Proficient Facilitation (2017), he offers educators support for enhancing their knowledge, skills, and dispositions for facilitating effective, equity-focused professional learning. As an educator for over two decades, John has served as a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist; district office administrator; professional development facilitator; language arts and social studies curriculum specialist; and elementary teacher. He is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and McDaniel College.


  • The WHY: An examination of why professional development equity leaders assume the role of facilitator. This session helps participants develop the ability to shape a professional learning environment of “brave space” that encourages the vulnerability and authentic engagement required of equity transformations and constructive conversations about dimensions of difference including race, class, and culture.
  • The HOW: An in-depth examination of how teams move through the process of equity consciousness development. Educators learn and practice culturally competent communication strategies essential to effective facilitation by developing knowledge of a three-phase, four-level, and seven-stage transformative process of equity consciousness development. 
  • The WHAT: An examination of what effective facilitators do, focused on one of five standards of cultural competence. Participants learn to use an equity lens to identify a range of facilitator behaviors and beliefs that range from ineffective/unhealthy to effective/healthy according to a standard of cultural competence. 
  • Micro-Facilitation: Culminating facilitation practice and feedback session, within which participants put event design into action and apply concepts from Days 1-4. Participants plan and implement an equity professional learning event and practice group facilitation

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What People are Saying

“Without this experience, I would not be on the road of change. I had to actually feel what it was like not to be in the dominant culture.”

Team Leader


“Profound, thought-provoking content! Excellent activities and superb facilitator! I learned so much that I intend to apply ASAP!”

–Seminar Participant


“John is passionate about his job, and it’ contagious. He creates an atmosphere where it is safe to talk about culture.”

Retreat Participant


“Yesterday’s Cultural Proficiency training was so interesting and meaningful. Your enthusiasm was infectious! Thanks!”



“I learned how to facilitate by watching you today.”

Assistant Principal


“…Excellent job of planning and facilitating our middle school principals’ retreat… It was very successful!”

Assistant Superintendent


“You were wonderful as always, and our teachers are still talking about your Cultural Proficiency presentation. We would like two more days with you…”

Reading Support Teacher


“John was a very knowledgeable and informative facilitator.”

Leadership Seminar Participant


“It is always a challenge to reframe our thinking, and today you gave us opportunities to practice this. Thanks!”



“Today gave us a lot to think about as we move as a school through our journey to Cultural Proficiency.”



“You are amazing with what you did – another great multi-media presentation. What a talented guy you are! Thanks for always going the extra mile.”



“…Most of all, thank you for your time and great ideas today. I appreciate you taking

time from your busy schedule to help me plan truly meaningful professional development for my staff. You are an inspiration to me!”