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Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand

Co-Teaching to Increase Student Achievement

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 3:30pm

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Presented by Richard Villa & Jacqueline Thousand

Differentiation of instruction for the diversity of our learners is the reality in today's classrooms and a tough task to take on alone. But co-teaching more than lightens that load. When you and a co-teacher bring together your individual skill sets and strategies, together you create a more enjoyable, creative, and productive teaching experience with more effective outcomes for your students.  Start with this interactive webinar, in which Villa and Thousand compare and contrast the four predominant approaches to co-teaching, provide tools to support co-teachers on their partnership journey, and explore logistical issues such as scheduling.  

Outcomes include:

  • An understanding of the unique features, benefits, and cautions associated with each of the four co-teaching approaches (i.e., supportive, parallel, complementary, and team)
  • Familiarization with tools to facilitate trust, communication, coordination of effort, and common planning time
  • Knowledge of logistical issues and solutions related to role clarification, scheduling, administrative support and lesson planning