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BUNDLE: Leadership Bestsellers

BUNDLE: Leadership Bestsellers

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Leadership & Management

May 2017 | Corwin
Expand your must-have leadership library with these bestselling resources
Make the greatest impact within—and beyond—the school walls. Quaglia, Constantino, and DeWitt focus on the importance of all players when it comes to boosting your school or district beyond the rest.

Student Voice, by Russ Quaglia

Using examples from student surveys, focus groups, and more, this groundbreaking book presents a blueprint for a successful educator-student partnership. Learn how to ask the right questions (and understand the answers), engage students in decision-making and improvement-related processes, and implement the Aspirations Framework to guide students toward their full potential.

"In this magnificent book, Quaglia and Corso have unearthed a deep missing piece in learning. The elephant in the room, ironically turns out to be Student Voice! And now we have it-their aspirations, the 8 conditions of deep learning relating to self-worth, engagement, and purpose. Thanks to the authors we have a whole new set of strategies where change, learning, educators and students merge.This is innovation at its best."
—Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus
OISE, University of Toronto

Engage Every Family, by Steve Constantino
Family engagement increases student achievement but how do schools connect with families who don’t participate yet? Is it possible to win them over? Introduce this practical field book, full of steps, reflections, and case studies, to move beyond theory and change your culture for better family engagement.

"In a time when education seems so complicated, leaders need books that offer simple steps that will give them the biggest bang for their buck. Where the important topic of parent engagement is concerned, this is THAT book! In Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles, parent engagement expert Steve Constantino provides practical steps to engage every parent in the school community."
—Peter DeWitt, Corwin author and consultant
Connected Educators Series, Impact Series Finding Common Ground Blog (Education Week)

Collaborative Leadership, by Peter DeWitt
Framed through John Hattie’s research, this book paints a powerful scheme for collaborative leadership: meet stakeholders where they are, motivate stakeholders to strive for improvement, model how to do it. The blueprint will give you the ammunition you need to fuel collaborative leadership in your school.

"It is time we realized that the top-down model of leadership often guarantees failure in professional communities. Peter DeWitt offers us a way forward with a revolutionary new approach to leadership that recognizes that everyone’s brain is required for complex change—not just the brain of the “leader.” If you want to have an impact, you should study this book and put these ideas into practice as soon as you can."
—Jim Knight, Author of Instructional Coaching and Director
Instructional Coaching Group

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