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BUNDLE: Hannigan: Don't Suspend Me + On-Your-Feet Guide: Alternative Discipline

BUNDLE: Hannigan: Don't Suspend Me + On-Your-Feet Guide: Alternative Discipline

July 2020 | Corwin

Alternative discipline strategies are the key to real and lasting change


Suspensions don’t work. They don’t improve behavior and they don’t address the social-emotional needs of students. But there are better, alternative discipline methods that can create positive, meaningful, long-term changes. With these two user-friendly guides, you will have everything you need to change the culture of discipline in schools and benefit students and educators alike.


These resources provide a toolkit of alternative strategies to use for the most common behavior challenges, case study examples and testimonials from educators in the field, and worksheets and exercises, many of them online, for the major discipline incidents that occur in schools and at home.


Written by practitioners for practitioners, these books will help you comply with new legal requirements, create meaningful change in the behavior of at-risk students, and ultimately develop more equitable communities and empathetic citizens. 

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