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Too Scared to Learn

Too Scared to Learn
Overcoming Academic Anxiety

December 1997 | 168 pages | Corwin
"A compassionate, well-written, practical guide for anyone who works with children." Violet Oaklander, Author, Santa Barbara, California Everybody faces academic anxiety sooner or later. How it's handled can mean the difference between doing well and failing. Help your students get over their fear of solving the problem, writing the paper, giving the speech and get on with the process of learning. Give students the tools they need to overcome the anxiety they feel in the classroom or while working one-to-one with a teacher or counselor. Make it easier for students to: * Show what they know * Set their own future learning goals * Bring any concerns they have about learning to the surface * Feel like they are part of the learning community in your classroom * Express their thoughts more openly and honestly Garcia explains academic anxiety and what causes it, and tells what its physical and intellectual effects are. The author offers strategies you can use to help propel your students past this critical hurdle. She presents different methods of intervention and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This book provides examples of classroom interventions using vignettes that give you the feel of a real classroom. The vignettes illustrate ways you may be able to address the problem in your classroom. Find out how to deal with anxiety issues through units of instruction. You'll begin to frame your interactions with anxious students so that you get right to the heart of any problem without upsetting anyone. If you really want to help your students cut to the bottom line of schooling enhanced learning here is a book that has information you need.

Kathryn H Au
Struggling through Interruptions
Toward Recovery
Developing the Dialectic Dialogue

Everyday Interventions
Prevention and Intervention in a Whole-Group Lesson
Prevention and Intervention During Small-Group and Independent Work
Providing Staff Development
Planning and Conducting Parent Conferences

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