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Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics

Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics
21 Techniques for Differentiating Instruction and Assessment

March 2010 | 208 pages | Corwin
Mathematics teachers face many challenges in today's classrooms, including issues such as higher standards, differentiation, real-world applications, non-routine problem solving, and more.

In Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics, mathematics educators Edward J. Thomas and John R. Brunsting answer two crucial questions:

- Which research-based strategies are most effective for delivering math instruction?

- How can mathematics teachers address the various needs of their students and still meet today's demanding standards?

Presenting research-based, classroom-tested instructional strategies, a sensible plan for differentiation based on learning-styles, and numerous sample lessons, the authors show you how to effectively reach and teach today's learners.

About the Authors
Introduction: Building the 21st Century Mathematics Classroom
1. Mastery Strategies

Convergence Mastery

Vocabulary Knowledge Rating


Mental Math Strings

Graduated Difficulty

New American Lecture

2. Understanding Strategies

Reading for Meaning

Compare and Contrast

Concept Attainment

Math Busters

3. Self-Expressive Strategies

Metaphorical Expression

3-D Viewer

Modeling and Experimentation

Inductive Learning

4. Interpersonal Strategies

Reciprocal Learning

Collaborative Summarizing

Game Competition

Paired Learner/Cooperative Learner

5. Multi-Style Strategies

Task Rotation

Math Notes

Integrated Math Engagement


My math methods course is a combination elementary/middle school math course. I find this text allows for an easy transition between the two.

Deborah Secord
Teacher Education Dept, Dickinson State University
February 26, 2020

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