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Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics

Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics
21 Techniques for Differentiating Instruction and Assessment

March 2010 | 208 pages | Corwin
Mathematics teachers face many challenges in today's classrooms, including issues such as higher standards, differentiation, real-world applications, non-routine problem solving, and more.

In Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics, mathematics educators Edward J. Thomas and John R. Brunsting answer two crucial questions:

- Which research-based strategies are most effective for delivering math instruction?

- How can mathematics teachers address the various needs of their students and still meet today's demanding standards?

Presenting research-based, classroom-tested instructional strategies, a sensible plan for differentiation based on learning-styles, and numerous sample lessons, the authors show you how to effectively reach and teach today's learners.

About the Authors
Introduction: Building the 21st Century Mathematics Classroom
1. Mastery Strategies

Convergence Mastery

Vocabulary Knowledge Rating


Mental Math Strings

Graduated Difficulty

New American Lecture

2. Understanding Strategies

Reading for Meaning

Compare and Contrast

Concept Attainment

Math Busters

3. Self-Expressive Strategies

Metaphorical Expression

3-D Viewer

Modeling and Experimentation

Inductive Learning

4. Interpersonal Strategies

Reciprocal Learning

Collaborative Summarizing

Game Competition

Paired Learner/Cooperative Learner

5. Multi-Style Strategies

Task Rotation

Math Notes

Integrated Math Engagement


“A major strength is the collection of strategies tied to multiple learning styles. The framework provides educators with a purposeful way to choose different teaching techniques.”

Cheryl Rose Tobey, Senior Program Director for Mathematics
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance

"Within hours of receiving their copies of this book, our high school math coaches were using math strategies in their classrooms and sharing their students’ successes with their colleagues. One coach raved, 'Finally! Things that I can use for teaching math! Not just something generic, and the examples are just the topics that my students need the most help learning.'"

Jody L Hoch, K-12 Director of Mathematics
Rush-Henrietta Central School District, NY

“The book does a nice job introducing new ways to teach mathematics. The progressive ideas have students actively learning math. The wide variety of problems presented truly cover what could be in a middle school curriculum.”

Kathryn McCormick, Seventh-Grade Teacher
Gahanna Middle School East, OH

"This book offered me the necessary information to design my doctoral study using learning style intervention strategies to improve mathematical achievement for our middle school students. My teachers embraced this book with excitement and looked forward to putting the recommended strategies into action."

Jean M. Ferrara, K-12 District Mathematics Supervisor
Old Bridge Township Public Schools, Matawan, NJ

"I picked up new techniques and formats to use in my everyday lessons. The lessons were helpful in changing and differentiating instruction in the classroom, not only to meet the needs and learning preferences of each student, but also to step away from the daily class routine. At first, the students were not used to these engaging activities. However, as they got used to abstract ways of thinking, they participated more and felt more comfortable. It was nice to see them being involved in their education."

Jacquelyn Baldini, Math and LAL Teacher
Carl Sandburg Middle School, Old Bridge, NJ

"An excellent tool with easy-to-understand examples that take teachers into the 21st-century classroom approach to learning. The sections on why the strategies work speaks to the research that is critical in teaching these days."

Diana Rogers, Regional Coordinator
High Schools That Work NE Ohio Region

"The strategies brought my teaching to a level where my students enjoyed learning mathematics. More important, they understood the concepts, which gave them the skills and confidence to excel."

Amber S. Koonce, Teacher
Memminger School of Global Studies, Charleston, SC

"Having taught middle school mathematics for more than 20 years, I truly believe this is an awesome math methods book for middle school teachers. This research-based book fully documents the different learning styles and demonstrates tangible strategies that meet the NCTM process standards. Each chapter includes best practices, defines various strategies, and provides variations and extensions. Each strategy is explained in detail with actual practice problems and great discussion."

Edna F. Bazik, Mathematics Education Program Coordinator
National-Louis University

"This is one of the best, most practical books I have read in over 30 years as an educator. The book is set up so that every teacher could easily use it to improve mathematics instruction. Every child deserves to be in a learning environment where these styles and strategies are common practice. I highly recommend this book as a tool to improve student performance."

Elizabeth Fannin, Educational Consultant

"This book contains interesting strategies that can be incorporated into solid, conceptual teaching."

Georgia A. Cobbs
University of Montana, Missoula

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