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Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve

Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve
Civics and Service From A to Z

December 1995 | 112 pages | Corwin
"This book is an invaluable resource, a practical guide that really promotes the concept of service learning as a foundation of good teaching and learning." Patricia Barnicle, Program Director Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University Part of the fundamental work of educators is to forge links between the students and the community where they live. Service learning can be a strong part of that link. But how can you use community service activities as more than just punishment? Can you combine volunteer work with classroom experiences to accomplish your goal of teaching democracy? Here is the place to find the help you need to create an effective, educational service learning project in your school or district. Parsons shows you how to steer your students toward lives as participating, caring citizens of their community and their society. She demonstrates how to introduce learning-by-doing possibilities into every service project. You will learn how to connect educational values with community action in a relationship that benefits everyone involved. Providing solid examples of how this type of interactive service learning can work in your school or district, Parsons helps you design a project that will: * Enrich the curriculum * Produce involved, voting citizens * Bring schools, families, and communities together * Enliven the meaning of democracy * Encourage active teaching and learning Teachers, administrators, counselors, and education faculty all want community service programs that enhance students' educations while developing civic pride and values. This book provides the spark to help you get your students on their way to becoming hands-on members of our society.

A Is for Awards and Appreciation
B Is for Books and Birthdays
C Is for Civics, Civility, and Concern
D Is for Daring and Doing
E Is for Equity
F Is for French (and Other Foreign Languages)
G Is for Government
H Is for Helping
I Is for Interns
J Is for Justice
K Is for Kindness
L Is for Like What? and Liability
M Is for Money
N Is for Natural Science
O Is for Obligation
P Is for Physical Education
Q Is for Quid pro Quo
R Is for Recreation
S Is for SerVermont
T Is for Time and Transportation
U Is for the United States of America
V Is for Value
W Is for Who
X Is for Xenophilia
Y Is for Youth
Z Is for Zeal

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