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Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve

Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve
Civics and Service From A to Z

December 1995 | 112 pages | Corwin
A major theme of education reform in the United States is that schools should prepare students to live in a democratic society. To this end, `service learning' is designed to encourage young people to become responsible, caring citizens. At present, however, service learning tends to be restricted to assigning students to community service projects. In this book Cynthia Parsons argues that service learning should be regarded as part of - not additional to - school requirements. She offers a range of alternative, curriculum-based examples of service learning to broaden the understanding and scope of this reform principle.

A Is for Awards and Appreciation
B Is for Books and Birthdays
C Is for Civics, Civility, and Concern
D Is for Daring and Doing
E Is for Equity
F Is for French (and Other Foreign Languages)
G Is for Government
H Is for Helping
I Is for Interns
J Is for Justice
K Is for Kindness
L Is for Like What? and Liability
M Is for Money
N Is for Natural Science
O Is for Obligation
P Is for Physical Education
Q Is for Quid pro Quo
R Is for Recreation
S Is for SerVermont
T Is for Time and Transportation
U Is for the United States of America
V Is for Value
W Is for Who
X Is for Xenophilia
Y Is for Youth
Z Is for Zeal

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