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The Incompetent Specialist

The Incompetent Specialist
How to Evaluate, Document Performance, and Dismiss School Staff

October 1996 | 232 pages | Corwin
Are you spending too much time dealing with problems caused by your school's specialists? If so, here's the help you're looking for. Find out how to: * Set employee goals and clarify expectations * Observe job performance * Provide feedback and assistance * Make informed decisions about dismissal * Follow through with the dismissal process A companion to The Marginal Teacher, this book centers on your dealings with your school's specialists: guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, and speech and other therapists, particularly those who work with special-needs students. Lawrence and Vachon show you how to supervise, evaluate, and when necessary, dismiss incompetent staff. Develop the skills you need for effective staff supervision and evaluation. Master the strategies necessary for handling a wide variety of problems with your school's professional staff, and you'll be able to more easily manage your employees and keep them on track. The authors provide procedures to customize for your school setting. You'll find administrative tips, sample letters, and standardized evaluation forms to get you started. This hands-on guide helps you understand the principles behind the techniques. You'll learn how to collect the data necessary for assessing job performance, set target dates for achieving goals, and conduct meaningful annual evaluations. If you're responsible for the supervision of school specialists, this book is for you.

Overview of the Evaluation Process
Establishing the Foundation for the Evaluation Process
Beginning the Evalution Process
Identifying the School Specialist in Need of Intensive Assistance
Implementing a Plan of Intensive Assistance
Deciding on Retention or Dismissal
Following through with the Dismissal Process
Preparing for the Third-Party Hearing and Bringing Closure to the Evaluation Process
Resource A: Calendar with Suggested Timeline of Actions for the Specialist's Evaluators
Resource B: Sample Unsatisfactory Specialist Evaluation Binder

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