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Hierck, Tom

Tom Hierck

amp;amp; Student Behavior Administration & Leadership CO

Walker, Zachary

Zachary M. Walker

Every Student as a Co-teacher:  Knowledge Co-Creation in the Classroom: Your students can be your co-teachers. Come learn to recognize your …

Honigsfeld, Andrea

Andrea Honigsfeld

Collaboration and Co-teaching to Support … literacy) may engage in and to review, evaluate, and adapt seven co … Core Co-teaching Special-Needs Students …

Dove, Maria

Maria G. Dove

ELs Common Core Co … coaching. Her best-selling co-authored book,Collaboration and Co … her co-edited book, Coteaching and Other Collaborative Practices in …

Lent, ReLeah

ReLeah Cossett Lent

in Action, This Is Disciplinary Literacy (co-authored with Marsha Voigt) and Common Core C CPR (co- authored with Barry …

Steineke, Nancy

Nancy H. Steineke

style.” She is the author/co-author of eight professional books … Interaction (co-authored with Harvey Daniels).  Literacy …