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Lyn Sharratt

“CLARITY: What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching, and Leading” (Corwin, 2019) is an impressive best-seller! It is Lyn Sharratt’s fifth book that reflects all of her work across the globe from 2009–2019. As well as an author and practitioner working in remote and urban settings worldwide, Lyn is an advisor for International School Leadership with the Ontario Principals’ Council; is an author consultant for Corwin Press; and consults internationally, working with system, school, and teacher leaders at all levels in Australia, Canada, Chile, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She works tirelessly, focusing her time and efforts on increasing each student’s achievement by working alongside leaders and teachers to put FACES on their data, taking intentional action to make equity and excellence a reality for all students. Visit her at; on Twitter: @LynSharratt; on Instagram: lyn_sharratt; and on LinkedIn where Lyn owns the “Educational Leadership” Linked In group made up of 90,000+ members. Search for Lyn’s “Good to Great to Innovate” video on There you will see her speaking in Ontario about the leadership it takes to achieve system and school improvement.